Badla Full Movie Download, Song, Lyrics

Badla Full Movie Download
Badla Full Movie Download

Badla Movie Story:

A young married producer finds herself in a locked hotel room next to the body of her dead lover. Hoping to find answers, she hires an impressive lawyer to help her solve the mystery of what really happened. Below in this article, you can find the details about Badla Full Movie Download and where to Watch Badla Full Movie Online.

Badla Movie Review:

Badla Movie is the kind of suspenseful thriller that uses suspense as more of a game plan than a device. It thrives on creating confusion that the Statement is constantly one step ahead of the audience when it actually isn’t. Even the characters, especially Badal, are convinced they are genius multiplex goers; Ghosh’s revelation is that they were single-screen detail all along. This, too, is an art – the art of making something feel smarter than it is. To make anti-climactic mountains out of molehills; heaven knows this is the very definition of storytelling.

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Movie scenes this in the way Badla tries to be more about the elements. The structure: Badal is cat or mouse depending on the yarn Naina (meaning, eyes) is spinning. The prosthetics: The location is the United Kingdom, the weather is snowy and bleak, and a crucial incident occurs in the scout’s countryside, an environment that is organically devoid of the population so that there are no onlookers and enough visual mystery.

Tum na aaye Song Lyrics:

Tum na aaye Song Lyrics In Bollywood From Badla Movie. TheTum na aaye Song Has Reached 1.4M Views with In a day

Song details:

  • Music Composer: Amaal Mallik
  • Singer: KK
  • Lyrics: A.M.Turaz

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Tum na aaye Song Lyrics in Hindi

आ. रे. ना.
दर्द आया तड़प आई
अश्क आये याद आई
फिर रुकते रुकते सांस भी आई
सब आये बस तुम ना आये
सब आये एक तुम ना आये
सब आये बस तुम ना आये
सब आये एक तुम ना आये.
तेरे बिना मेरा गम भी अधुरा है
सब कुछ हो के भी कुछ नहीं पूरा है
तेरे सिवा सब कुछ तो लिखा है
जाने ये कैसा नसीब मेरा है
तकलीफ ही मुझको रास आई
तन्हाई भी अब मेरे पास आई
ज़ख्म आये तड़प आई
शाम आई रात आई
फिर जगते जगते ख्वाब भी आये.
सब आये बस तुम ना आये
सब आये एक तुम ना आये
सब आये बस तुम ना आये
सब आये एक तुम ना आये